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Undergraduate Certificate in World Literature

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The Undergraduate Certificate in World Literature provides a survey of movements and trends in World Literature as well as the opportunity to focus on specific topics, eras, or areas of the field.  Students are given a conceptual framework and the methodological tools to enable them to analyze works of literature, including genres, rhetorical choices, and worldviews that are reflected in national literatures.  The certificate program will deepen a student's knowledge of various cultural beliefs, behaviors, practices, and value systems as these are expressed in literature and related works of art.


Core Course 3
HUM 140 Introduction to World Literature  
Choose one of the following: 3
HUM 304 World Literature I  
HUM 308 World Literature II  
HUM 312 World Literature III  
Two courses representing two separate national literatures in original language or in translation 6
Examples include but are not limited to the following:  
AAAS 356 African-American Theatre and Drama  
AAAS 433 Islamic Literature  
CLSX 148 Greek and Roman Mythology  
CLSX 168 Ancient Epic Tales  
EALC 312 Japan's Literary Legacy  
ENGL 312 Major British Writers to 1800  
ENGL 314 Major British Writers after 1800  
GERM 315 German Literature and the Modern Era  
ISP 305 World Indigenous Literatures  
ITAL 405 Italian Literature in Translation:_____  
REL 543 Hindu Epics, Past and Present  
SLAV 148 Intro to Slavic Folklore  
SLAV 508 South Slavic Literature and Civilization  


For more information about the Undergraduate Certificate, please contact the Humanities Program's Associate Director, Antha Cotten-Sprecklemeyer at arcs@ku.edu or 864-3011.

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