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The Humanities Program has touched us all. As students, we've been challenged to think critically, speak and write articulately, and to display intellectual and cultural breadth. As faculty members we have had the privilege of sharing our passion for our scholarly work, and watching our students' intellects catch fire. We have all taken away something important from the program.

How to Support the Humanities Program

We depend on you to attest to the value of an education in the humanities, and our students and faculty soar to new heights because of you. With your gifts, we enrich the lives of future Jayhawks in so many ways: attract renowned teachers and scholars, enhance scholarships that support the best and brightest young minds around the country, spur innovative discussion and solutions to our world’s most pressing needs through research grants and awards, and bring new ideas to KU through visiting lectures and experts

Now, more than ever, your philanthropy for KU allows the Humanities Program to enhance the educational experience of our students, and we always appreciate your consideration.

Daphne Lin

Alumni Profiles: Daphne Lin '20

"I found that the Humanities Program was very unique in that it allowed a very broad spectrum of departments and classes to count towards my Bachelors degree. This ultimately gave me the chance to get the more all-encompassing education during my undergraduate career that I had been looking for."

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Maya Van Nuys

Alumni Profiles: Maya Van Nuys '20

"My interdisciplinary Humanities degree really helped me to stand out among a large pool of [University of Chicago] applicants. Many graduate programs value an interdisciplinary major as these students have a broad and unique way of approaching problems in scholarship and in everyday life."

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