Over the past year we have reviewed many historical documents of the program in order to prepare for our 70th
anniversary. One of the recurring themes that many of these documents reflect is that the program ‘exists with
almost no budget.’ For years, the Humanities Program was largely staffed primarily by volunteer faculty because
of the lack of budget. These faculty were committed to the program’s mission of providing an interdisciplinary
education to students.

While the Humanities Program no longer relies on volunteer faculty, the Program still exists on a small budget and
relies on the generosity of our alumni and donors. As many of you now, the University is cutting budgets over the
coming years. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, where our Program is housed, expects a budget cut of
about $6.3 million in the near future. These new challenges provide an added hurdle for the Humanities Program
and make our alumni support even more vital.

Alumni support has many facets and can provide help for individual students, faculty and the Program as a whole.
Your support may enable one of our students to attend a life-changing study abroad program. It could enable our
faculty to focus on research or attend a conference to enhance the classroom experience for their students. And,
ultimately, however you chose to support the Humanities Program, you will enable the Program to keep providing
KU students with a stellar interdisciplinary educational experience which we all know is critical in the world
today. The Humanities Program celebrates 70 years, and with your support we can look forward to a bright future.

If you are interested in supporting the Humanities Program, we have a fund to which you can donate to the
Humanities Program fund provides overall support to the faculty and staff and enables the Program to provide
students with a strong educational experience at KU.

You may give online by clicking here or if you would prefer to send a donation by mail, please
send it to:

Humanities Program
The University of Kansas
1440 Jayhawk Blvd., Bailey Hall 308
Lawrence, KS 66045-7574

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