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The Humanities Minor requires 18 hours of coursework:

HUM 110: Introduction to Humanities  or HUM 111: Introduction to Humanities, Honors (3 Credit Hours)

One of the following courses (3 Credit Hours):

  • HUM 204: Western Civilization I  or HUM 114: Western Civilization I, Honors
  • HUM 205: Western Civilization II  or HUM 115: Western Civilization II, Honors
  • HUM 206: Contermporary Western Civilzation
  • HUM 140: Introduction to World Literature 

Three HUM or Peace and Conflict Studies (PCS) courses at 300-level or above (9 Credit Hours). Examples include but are not limited to:

  • HUM 320: Being Human in the Workplace
  • HUM 505: Europe Today
  • PCS 329: History of War and Peace
  • PCS 565: The Literature of Human Rights

One Digital Humanities course or one additional PCS course at 300 level or above (3 Credit Hours)


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