Humanities Major - Peace & Conflict Studies Track

The Humanities Major requires a total of 30 credit hours. Students must take courses in at least three humanities and/or social science departments or programs with a maximum of 15 hours from one department 

Note: Sharing course work (credit hours) between any of the HUM major tracks and another major is restricted to 6 hours. All other courses taken towards the major must be approved by the HUM undergraduate coordinator. 

PCS Track Requirements

This track is designed to provide students with opportunities to study issues of violence and methods of peace-making from an interdisciplinary humanities perspective. 30 credit hours to include the following:

Required Introductory & Capstone Coursework

HUM 110: Introduction to Humanities

PCS 120: Introduction to Peace & Conflict Studies

PCS 650: Senior Seminar in Peace & Conflict Studies

6 Hours of Upper Division PCS Courses (2 of 3) 

PCS 375: Refugee Experience: Stories of
Statelessness & Citizenship

PCS 550: Classics of Peace Literature

PCS 565: Literature of Human Rights

6 Hours of Interdisciplinary Core Courses - Examples 

ANTH 501: Anthropology of Violence

HIST 314: History of Globalization

HUM 505: Europe Today

EVRN/GEOG 371: Environmental Geopolitics

9 Hours of Courses from 1 of 3 Designated Areas: 

Area 1: Social, Economics, and Evironmental Justice
(Example courses, students are not limited to these classes) 

HIST 314: History of Globalization 

EVRN 336: Ethics, Ideas, and Nature

SOC 521: Wealth, Power, and Inequality

Area 2: Role of Nation-States and International Institutions & Norms
(Example courses, students are not limited to these classes) 

HIST 334: The Great War: History of World War 1

POLS 678: Chinese Foreign Policy

POLS 689: Topics in International Relations: Human Rights

Area 3: Religious, Philosophical, and Cultural Norms
(Example courses, students are not limited to these classes) 

ANTH 501: Anthropology of Violence

HUM 375: Understanding the European Migrant Crisis

WGSS 669: Women, Health, and Healing in Latin America

Course Catalog

Below is a list of all the Peace and Conflict Studies courses offered.  Please note that not all courses will be offered each semester.