Humanities Minor

To function in an increasingly complex world, students need to be able to move comfortably among disciplines and their distinct approaches to the variety of human experiences and human conditions.

The Minor in Humanities is designed to provide students with interdisciplinary study within the humanities while enabling them to concentrate their upper-division coursework in the Minor on a specific theme. 

In combination with their major, this program of study provides a solid foundation for students interested in various careers, from retail to education, law and medicine.

Humanities Minor Requirements

The Humanities Minor requires 18 hours of coursework:

HUM 110: Introduction to Humanities  or HUM 111: Introduction to Humanities, Honors (3 Credit Hours)

One of the following courses (3 Credit Hours):

  • HUM 204: Western Civilization I  or HUM 114: Western Civilization I, Honors
  • HUM 205: Western Civilization II  or HUM 115: Western Civilization II, Honors
  • HUM 206: Contermporary Western Civilzation
  • HUM 140: Introduction to World Literature 

Three HUM or Peace and Conflict Studies (PCS) courses at 300-level or above (9 Credit Hours). Examples include but are not limited to:

  • HUM 320: Being Human in the Workplace
  • HUM 505: Europe Today
  • PCS 329: History of War and Peace
  • PCS 565: The Literature of Human Rights

One Digital Humanities course or one additional PCS course at 300 level or above (3 Credit Hours)

Course Catalog

Below is a list of all the Humanities courses offered.  Please note that not all courses will be offered each semester.