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Offered by the Humanities Program, Peace & Conflict Studies is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to the study of human conflict. It examines the origins and nature of conflict within and among societies and the various ways in which humans address conflict. Through academic coursework and the possibility of practical experience, Peace & Conflict Studies offers students a concentrated program of study of one of the most central and urgent human issues: the causes and consequences of human conflict and the achievements and possibilities of building peaceful and equitable forms of social existence. An undergraduate minor in Peace & Conflict Studies was inaugurated in the spring semester of 2003.

The Graduate Certificate program in Peace & Conflict Studies is designed to provide students with a focused program of study in the subject area and certification of the completion of the program on the graduate transcript. Enrollment in the program will be open to students admitted to a regular KU graduate program or to non-degreeseeking graduate status. A Graduate Certificate in Peace & Conflict Studies should be of interest and value to students across a broad range of humanistic and socialscientific disciplines, especially in such fields as the international area studies programs, History, International Studies, Political Science, and Religious Studies. The certificate will enhance the credentials of students seeking careers in government service both civil and military, nongovernmental organizations, international business, law, and teaching.

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