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Requirements: 12 hours of graduate coursework including: 

  • PCS 801, Peace & Conflict Studies: Texts and Methods (3 hours);
  • Two elective courses chosen from the list below or other courses approved by the PCS advisory committee;
  • PCS 850, Research Seminar (3 hours).

PCS 801 Peace & Conflict Studies: Texts and Methods (3 hours)

An interdisciplinary study of the historic literature on human conflict and
peacemaking and the methods used to analyze and interpret the literature. Peace
literature encompasses a range of genres that include religious teachings, philosophical essays, political proposals, treaties and conventions, fiction, poetry, and drama. Approaches to solutions to human conflict cover a spectrum including rejection of all violence, active nonviolent strategies, balance of power requiring force, social and political revolution, diplomacy and treaties, international law and organizations, and world government. Students produce a substantial graduate-level research project. Required for the Graduate Certificate, and to be taken as early as possible in the student’s program of study. Open only to graduate students.

PCS 850 Research Seminar (3 hours)

The capstone of the Graduate Certificate program, providing a substantial and indepth study of a particular topic in Peace & Conflict Studies, to be chosen by the instructor. The members of the seminar have the option of doing a research project or supervised practicum resulting in a substantial paper that integrates their work in the program. Required for the Graduate Certificate, and open only to graduate students. Prerequisite: at least six hours of coursework toward the Graduate Certificate including HWC 801.

Elective Courses
The following list consists of currently approved courses. Courses included for elective credit are reviewed by the Coordinating Committee and updated each year. The Program Coordinator annually requests information (including syllabi) about new courses that faculty are proposing for inclusion in the Peace & Conflict Studies program. The Coordinating Committee reviews and accepts or rejects the Coordinator’s proposals for including new courses.

Choose two from list: PCS Core and Elective Courses Spring 2020


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Summer Courses
Take a summer road trip that leads
to graduation.