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The Humanities Major requires a total of 30 credit hours. Students must take courses in at least three humanities and/or social science departments or programs with a maximum of 15 hours from one department 

Note: Sharing course work (credit hours) between any of the HUM major tracks and another major is restricted to 6 hours. All other courses taken towards the major must be approved by the HUM undergraduate coordinator. 

Global Humanities Track

This track studies aspects of the cultures of Western civilization and of one non-Western civilization (e.g. Africa, Asia, the Middle East, or Latin America). It is designed to provide the student with knowledge of diverse civilizations and with methods for investigating their differences and commonalities. The Global Humanities Track requires 30 hours of coursework:

Required Coursework:
HUM 110: Introduction to Humanities 3
  or HUM 111: Introduction to Humanities 3
HUM 304: World Literature I 3
  or HUM 308: World Literature II   3
  or HUM 312: World Literature III 3
HUM 204: Western Civilization I 3
  or HUM 205: Western Civilization II 3
  or HUM 206: Western Civilization III 3
One Asian, African, Latin American or Indigenous Studies course from HUM or another department as approved by HUM advisor 3
One Digital Humanities or Peace of Conflict Studies course 3
15 Credit Hours of Major Electives at the 300-level or above in the student's area of interest.* 15

*This should include a minimum of two courses (6 credit hours) from upper division HUM courses and a maximum of three courses (9 credit hours) from other CLAS departments chosen in conjunction with the Humanities Advisor.

Humanities Program Discontinued

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Summer Courses
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